The BITE 2018 event came about when Andrew Liddle, partner at Saint & Co, attended the Xerocon event in London last year. He knew how powerful Xero was for Saint clients, and wanted to create a space that would showcase what it can do, and the apps that integrate with it.

"Xero integrates with everything. It's been incredibly valuable for our clients, because it becomes the financial hub of any business. Come find out how you can use it better." 

Come find out why Xero is so powerful for your business

Hear from Xero about tech (it's not just tech, it's also about the people)

Meet other people who use Xero and love it

Get amazing freebies (who doesn't love free stuff!)

"Technology... not the next great thing.
People are."

Using beautiful software to make your business more efficient is a good start. But the true power of technology is what it allows you to do with all the time you save: build great relationships.

Don't miss the breakout session on Xero

You'll get a chance to learn how Xero can save you time in your business and how it can give you real time access to your important numbers. You'll even get a demo to see how the software works. 

Connect with Xero!

Meet Xero and those who use it